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know they're busting. >> thank you very much. next speaker. jake jacobs. >> hi, my name is jake jacobs. i am a dance instructor. also a musician. i've been doing this for about as long as it's been open, about 16 years. i want to speak to two levels, one an aesthetic level. i want to reinforce what ms. dalton was saying, that there aren't that many venues for latin music and dance. everybody likes latin music and dance. this young lady can attest o'. the crowd that attends, there's very -- rarely any problem i don't think i've ever witnessed a problem either.
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basically there to dance and they don't drink that much. it's not a very profitable business in some ways. taking that away will hurt many, someone speak in favor for keeping it in open for that reason. on a practical level, the port has made public statements that this is a public safety issue. i don't think it's the port's responsibility to take vengeance upon this tragic death. joey's in a very expansive area. i would say it provides more security now than anybody else. you know, there's no people patroling the parking lot. it can't be responsible for
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every bit of area around it. it is in a fairly separated area. joey's did provide the security and that was validated also by the entertainment commission when they spoke with the bay view police. the entertainment commission removed joey's permits. they have every right to take it away. i think now they have even even have the power to shut down the club. but they went through 17 items with the police department, and joey's, who had a very old permit, was in compliance with 14 of them, even though that joey's original permit only had three stipulations. and the other three joey's was committed to doing. if the police department is satisfied with the public safety efforts made by joey's, then i have to insist that the port should be satisfied as well.
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thank you. >> david henderson? >> wow, what a day. congratulations to the commander and all of you for doing a great job. my name is dan henderson. i reviewed the very fers lease here 16 years ago. i've been doing commercial real estate for about 25 years in east bay. also over here out of state. it's horrible when anybody gets shot. there's no doubt about that. but my understanding is i was there the day after, and the place was tagged. it was my understanding, people recognized the symbols that were spread on the trash cans. i'm not here to make any judgments on anybody. any time someone gets hurt, that's something. i haven't gone to joey's. you want to talk about tragedy, she lost her parents when she was 12 years old. she and her three sisters are lawyers, they're the people that
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are the fabric of this community for generations. there's probably 20 people that are in her family with all her sisters that work or have worked at joey's. these people are san francisco. just like the giants season ticket holders. these people have been here. she has run clubs. she made all five of bill graham's clubs. hired and fired every waitress. every time i've got to joey's, there's two guys standing outside. she has had a lease one year at a time for 16 years. and yet she spent over a half million dollars on your property. i'm in commercial real estate. we can all do the math. divide it by 12%. that's the money. i don't know about the types. i'm not aware of all that.
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but certainly i'll review it. and no doubt, tragedy is tragedy. but that has nothing to do. that's outside. we go and walk over and see giants, whatever venues, whatever is going on with the venue. when you have that big of an expansion, what are you going to shoot? the people are going to come to an open area. they said two guys showed up, a guy was drawn out, so he had nothing to do. they don't recognize -- they didn't recognize who the guy was. it wasn't like he was a regular there. they have nothing to do with joey's. an incident happened in their restaurant bar.
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so i know san francisco. they have a place in the mission. they took a shot down there. it provides a good, safe environment. a bad incident happened. >> we're talking about the builder? >> i came from sacramento. actually, part of sacramento. we have a strong and salsa-type music following. so a lot of us came down here in san francisco to joey's specifically on sunday's. so i know as far as all my companions from sacramento that we really enjoy jelly's. and we'll certainly regret it.
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all of us have felt safe at joey's, it advocated a clean, healthy, fun environment. i'm not aware of the details. i don't believe this is something that was due to joey's and their way of operation. i'd like to express my support for continuation of joey's. thank you. >> for public comment -- >> good morning. i'd like to speak about the waterfront land use plant study.
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>> this is situation is intolerable. to break up a club and put up a tower, which is against the waterfront plan use specifications that they should connect the land to the bay is crazy. they speak out of two sides of their mouth. that's called corruption. this is not about money and greed. hundreds of car garages is wrong. it's an already difficult situation we have now, so how could you approve a plan like this? it's ridiculous. all we can think of is what's behind all this. and so we urge you to retract
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that and go back and study this. this is disrupting the whole waterfront. secondly, last night my son called me to say, gone to berlin. go outside and see how it's turning around. this is not right, especially with the historic ferry building. i tell you when you're right most of the times in waterfront. they've done a beautiful job. all these renovations got done. this is so badly flawed.
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it's not what the people want. so please go back and review this and see that it's not right. especially with the waterfront plants with the bay. it's not right to block the buildings that we live in. so please, go back and go to the drawing board and see that it's a wrong decision. thank you. >> lee radder in. >> radner. >> good afternoon, commissioners. lee radner from golden gateway, executive director. i have some material i'd like to read. they sent out an alert this morning. we'll try to read it in the three minutes allotted. he has joined our neighborhood coalition partners and otherings
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as a party to a lawsuit that has been filled -- filed, excuse me with the san francisco superior court on wednesday, august 18, 2010. the legal action filed against the city was precipitated in our view by the violation of ceqa. our attorney's legal interpretation of the coalition lawsuit is described in the following paragraph, and i quote. ceqa applies to any action that may have a significant environmental impact. it is important that environmental review occur as early as possible. it's not just a prow forma rubber stamp of a project that was already approved. the california supreme court recently ruled that actions short of an official project may be illegal if they move the
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project momentum significantly forward. the city of san francisco has, in my view, violated ceqa and allowing the planning commission to adopt a resolution that "recognizes the design principles and recommendations of the northeast embark der row study for new development in this area." without first satisfying an a.i.r., it has guidelines for site design, articulation and quality materials based on the planning commission's "recognition" of the study. the port of san francisco to consider the principles and recommendations in the study as part of its review of proposals and improvements. after that happened, a revised application for the eight washington project incorporated increased heights recommended by the study. the lawsuit requests that the
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san francisco superior court issue a mandate ordering the planning commission to rescind its action taken relating to the study and to refrain from further consideration of the study and its guidelines until an e.i.r. is certified. the community coalition includes neighbors can reserve the waterfront, telegraph hill, golden gateway tenants association, the san francisco neighborhood network, and the san franciscans for reasonable growth. i might add today, i've got twole cas of other groups who have asked to join this coalition. i want to thank you. in the meantime, i have provided the petition and the press release that we provided the community. i have three copse for the commissioners and one for ms. moyer. thank you. >> any other public comment? motion to adjourn?
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>> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you. >> the public wants to access particular information about your house or neighborhood we point them to gis. gis is a combination of maps and data. not a graphic you see on a
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screen. you get the traffic for the streets the number of crimes for a police district in a period of time. if the idea of combining the different layerce of information and stacking them on top of each other to present to the public. >> other types of gis are web based mapping systems. like google earth, yahoo maps. microsoft. those are examples of on line mapping systems that can be used to find businesses or get driving directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what departments do. >> you imagine all the various elements of a city including parcels and the critical
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infrastructure where the storm drains are. the city access like the traffic lights and fire hydrants. anything you is represent in a geo graphic space with be stored for retrieval and analysis. >> the department of public works they maintain what goes on in the right-of-way, looking to dig up the streets to put in a pipe. with the permit. with mapping you click on the map, click on the street and up will come up the nchgz that will help them make a decision. currently available is sf parcel the assessor's application. you can go to the assessor's website and bring up a map of
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san francisco you can search by address and get information about any place in san francisco. you can search by address and find incidents of crime in san francisco in the last 90 days. we have [inaudible] which allows you to click on a map and get nchldz like your supervisor or who your supervisor is. the nearest public facility. and through the sf applications we support from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. you can drill down in the neighborhood and get where the newest hospital or police or fire station. >> we are positive about gis not only people access it in the office but from home because we use the internet. what we used to do was carry the
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large maps and it took a long time to find the information. >> it saves the city time and money. you are not taking up the time of a particular employee at the assessor's office. you might be doing things more efficient. >> they have it ready to go and say, this is what i want. >> they are finding the same things happening on the phone where people call in and ask, how do i find this information? we say, go to this website and they go and get the information easily. >> a picture tells a thousand stories. some say a map
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>> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you
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want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free.
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you just need to have the location open. you are set to go. 1:45 supervisor chu: welcome to the regular meeting of the city
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operations and neighborhood services committee. supervisor dufty will not be able to join us for today's meeting. if i could have a motion to excuse supervisor dufty. supervisor avalos: motion to excuse supervisor dufty. supervisor chu: without objection. are there any announcements today? >> yes, please turn off all cell phones and pagers. if you wish to speak in public comment, please fill out a speaker card and turn the money to myself. if you present documents to the committee, please provide a document to the clerk for inclusion in the file. items discussed today will appear before the board of supervisors on july 20, 2010, unless otherwise noted. supervisor chu: thank you. b. item one please. >> one, resolution authorizing the san francisco municipal transportation agency and the part of public works to accept and expend the transportation development act article 3 funds totaling $685,000 for various pedestrian and bicycle projects
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in the city and county of san francisco. supervisor chu: thank you. i believe that our dpw representative is here for presentation. >> good morning, supervisors. also here today to take any questions you may have oliver and mark from the san francisco municipal transportation agency. we are here today to accept and expend a grant of transportation development act funds. the total amount is $685,000. that would be $375,000 for sfmta and $320,000 for dpw. transportation development act funds are a 40-year-old sales tax quarter cent that returns to
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the county, an article 3 funds are 2% of that amount allowed for bicycle and pedestrian projects. the uses of these funds for dpw would be sidewalk repair and curved ramp design and planning. we have been using tda funds for these purposes for several years. this is an annual request we make to you. it is a relatively small amount of money, but it is helpful in adding to our other pieces of funding. sfmta plans to use the funds for some safety education programs and also for planning, engineering, and ultimately, construction and maintenance of bikeways, bike routes, and bike improvements. we can talk to you more about that if you have questions. that is all i have for now
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unless you would like to know more about our project. supervisor chu: if you could just provide a brief summary of the project that dpw proposes to carry forward with the money. >> yes, as we have in recent years, we split our article three funds in half between public sidewalk repair and curved ramp engineering and design, so the sidewalk work is -- sidewalks that are dpw's responsibility to maintain, and we received requests from the public, and we do some of our own inspections and determine which sites are most in need and use these funds along with some prop k sales tax funds to fix as many of those sites as we can. the curved ramp work -- we have received requests from members
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of the public. we work with the mayor's office of disability to determine a list of locations that need curb ramps that either do not have them or that have curved ramps that are not up to current standards, and again, we prioritize, and we use the tda funds for planning or design, and generally, we use, pr -- we use our prop k money for planning and design. we would be using our prop k money to construct the ones we have designed with the tda funds. supervisor chu: great, and if we could have a representative of the mta to come. there are any specific projects you could speak about.
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>> good morning, supervisors. as mentioned in the presentation, there are two different activities that are generally being funded through the transportation development act, and one of them is state education and outreach programs. those programs include us developing safety brochures, supplies, the maps, the helmet giveaways, and we care that money with our prop k sales tax dollars to really enhance the program. tda has an axe of 10% of the total can go to state education, so that is one function. the other function that was mentioned was the planning and design of possible projects, and eventually the construction. the planning and design of all our projects is that this money would be used to kind of fill
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the gaps, some of our funding gaps in some of our projects right now, and some of our smaller project back we group together. eventually, once the injunction is lifted, the court ordered injunction, we can use some of these funds for the actual construction, and we are planning on doing that, but we are still waiting for the final determination from the superior court in the state of california. supervisor chu: great. thank you. we have been joined by a joinedalioto-pier, who has -- joined by a supervisor alioto- pier who has temporarily been imported to this committee. with regards to the transportation development act funding, is this a funding source that comes in every year, generally? >> it